Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Maka Pamilya.

Kumakain ako sa isang pinoy tuto-turo ng marinig ang nakababasag dinig na sirena ng isang bata, "waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa," ang ngawa niya. "Nampusa, ano ba nangyari," ang isip ko? Hinde ko pinansin dahil talaga naman ganyan ang mga bata, hinde ba? Hinde naman iyak ang sigaw ng bata, ngaunit gusto lang marahil makakawala sa "baby seat" niya. Minamana mo naman na naka-strap siya doon at hinde makagalaw.

Hinde una pinansin ng tatay niya na abala sa kuwentuhan at pag-kain. "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa," ang ulit ng bata. Ngayon medyo may banta at pahiwatig na iyak na ang susunod. Wala pa ring pumansin. Natural, yung mga kumakain doon sa turo-turo e naiinis sa ingay, pero dahil puro kabababayan, kunwari, wala lang. Sa ika-tatlong walang patid na ngawa ng bata, hinde napigilang bigyan ng pansin ito. Tumayo ang isang kasamahan nung tatay, kinuha sa baby seat at kinalong. Asus, e cute naman pala yung bata at medyo kalakihan ang sibol (5'7" daw ang taas ng nanay, ang sabi ng tatay ng nagkapalagayang loob na).

E, ayun, nagsalita na ang mga patron ng tuto-turo: "Aba e mas malakas pa sa boses ko ang boses ng batang ito a," ang nakangiting sabi ng isang nakasalamin at bigotilyon lolo. "He, he, he, ilang taon na ba yang kutil na iyan," ang tanung noong isa. Natutuwang sinagot naman ng palakpak tengang tatay ang kung ano-anong pang mga tanong ng mga patron sa resto at nag volunteer pa nga ng ilang impormasyon ukol sa bata at pamilya niya.

Mala-pista ang himig sa turo-turo restawran - parang restawran sa probinsya na ang lahat ay magkakilala, kung hinde mag-kamaganakan.

Ha, ha, ha, Pinoys lang kaya ang ganyan na maka-pamilya?

Tuesday, May 05, 2009


When on a reflective mood, I wonder what other peoples lives are like. That lanky kid over there with the pimples who looks a bit like me when I was in his shoes - is his life today the same as mine yesterday? Hmmm, he probably spends his time hanging around with his buddies on lazy days like today. How about the pretty girl over there? She must have boys like that lanky fellow milling around her house, waiting for a chance to hit on her.

Well, I get to wonder no more when I come across blogs that tell of their daily lives, as they are, being themselves. It amuses me and it makes my views more tolerant and less critical because I see myself as I was(and often times still am) doing and saying the same stupid, silly things. When I read off side posts, I sometimes think, what a silly thing to do or that was stupid! But then, my long memory reminds me of my own crazy, stupid deeds when I was a kid: like when I held and exploded a fire cracker in my hand, stand on the saddle of my running bike, hitched a ride on a sailboat out to sea then swim back to port, drink silly until I pass out, smoked one and half packs of cigarettes a day, gamble my tuition money away, etc.

Why exactly I did those things simply escapes me today. But then, only last August '08, I got myself a mountain bike and started riding what is rated to be "most difficult trails." I had banged both of my knees, my right elbow, crashed, and somersaulted a couple or so times. For a grown up like me, that's kind of silly, isn't it? But then again, there are older people out there blogging about the same (mis)adventures.

Also, blogs gives me a feel of things I would like to do but can't right now. This guy Sidney, for example, he goes around taking pictures of places, events and people. Also, this guy Dennis V, who travels solo and writes interesting essays about the images he takes. Sometimes I can relate with their experience which is the next thing to being there. Why, that is something I would like to do someday. Well, today, if I could.

I do browse through politic blogs. I had commented on some, but shy away from them now. They are upsetting at times and really does not provide any practical usable lesson or value. I find most of them one sided, polarizing and self-serving. Some of them are so full of themselves, they lose track of what they blog about. And worse, some just fire up people to hate!

The blogs I find really interesting are those that tell of there own lives, their own stories - their adversities, their joys and their hopes. OFWs working hard, going for a better life, sharing their blessings and inspiring others, is a good example. Sometimes, you can't help but get involved. You know what they are going through. You have been there before. You begin to personalize and offer kind supporting words. Things you had wished for when you were on a boat they are in now!

I liken some blogs to TV family shows. You grow up with them and they, the characters, grow up with you. You come to know and talk about them on a first name basis. Sometimes you feel like you know them enough to be your own family. You become personal? How does that figure out? You become personal without really being personal?

Blogging is cool, eh.