Wednesday, September 15, 2010

An on the trail story.

I was on a mountain bike trail yesterday finishing my first single track run when I saw a bearded old man hopping along the trail like a carefree little girl, singing some kind of jolly song, stark naked! I stopped and called his attention to scare him away. There were kids going through the trails and I didn't think it to be a pleasant sight for the children.

Anyway, the old man was startled. I guess he did not expect anyone to see him. Kind of funny for him to think so since bikers come to ride this trail all the time, even on weekdays. He turned and ran towards the direction he came from.

At the end of my run, I saw a group of kids, the oldest no more than ten years of age, with a young lady milling around the jump tracks. I warned the lady of the old man, telling her where I saw him and in what direction he may be headed. She asked, if I thought the old man to be dangerous. I said no, but added that one never knows what he may be up to. She thanked me and advised her group of kids about the situation and told them to stay together. The kids looked intent and curious as she held their attention on the matter at hand.

As I rode away, I could hear the children chattering, asking questions. Maybe I shouldn't have told them about the naked old man. He looked harmless enough, but I was concerned about the effect he might have on the kids. I just hoped it didn't scare them.

After a few moments, I discovered that my concerns were all for naught as I heard one of the kids yelling in a loud clear voice:

"I want to go and see the naked old man!"